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VA – PROMO ONLY DANCE RADIO SEPTEMBER (2010) Download full album Click link to get full album Artist: VA Album Title: Promo Only Dance Radio September Record Label: Promo Only Genre: Dance Year: 2010 Track List 01 Longo & Wainwright feat. Craig Smart – One Life Stand 3:32 02 Niamh (Pronounced Neeve) Egan – You The One…

Fans of the NUGGETS box set know their great song “I Think I’m Down,” but here’s your opportunity to hear more songs from San Jose’s Harbinger Complex, taken from the 1967 various artists album A POT OF FLOWERS, released on Mainstream Records: 1) “Time to Kill” 2) “When You Know You’re in Love” 3) “My Dear and Kind Sir” 4) “I Think I’m Down”
Video Rating: 5 / 5

13 Responses to VA – PROMO ONLY DANCE RADIO SEPTEMBER (2010) Download full album

  • TheMasterchiefe9 says:

    Heather, I am your 2nd cousin Dalton. Your dad and I where probably the closest of the cousins because of our music interests. I am a drummer and Bob and I used to jam. We got out of the navy about the same time and I spent some time with him in Fremont. That was in 1966 with the H. C. band. I would love to connect with you to talk about your dad and the day. He was magic on his 12 string. I talked to Edith about 2 years ago, she said Bobby had past and that he had a daughter, but no other info.

  • tatyanababeiii says:

    hey everyone this is bob hoyles daughter, heather did any of you know my dad????? im a musician too and i would really love to hear what he was like when he was younger:)

  • tatyanababeiii says:

    @cassadyshammer bob hoyle went to washington high in fremont

  • donjames150 says:

    @cassadyshammer Jim Hockstaff and Jim Redding went to Irvington High In Fremont. At least from ’62-64. Don’t know about the rest.

  • ladidah9 says:

    I really am starting to like this band! I’m a big psych-rock fan, but I hadn’t looked into them yet. My Dear and Kind Sir, for some reason reminds me of the Kinks. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • oldschoolhero66 says:

    This band is great…I’ve heard alot of their stuff…thanks for uploading this

  • redstarboy93 says:

    Super! surtout la 3ème chanson ! “I had a horse his name is Joe, he follow me every place I go !”
    I think i’m down !!!

  • rareheir says:

    I remember playing a gig with you guys. There was bad blood that night with your singer.
    David from Plasmatic Conception.

  • hollowmenrule says:

    cool, dude, do you have “you got yours”? it’s a comp of cali-60s groups, the song by these guys on their is one of my favorite songs EVER, it’s called sometimes i wonder, it’s the boooommmbbbbbbb (sorry, i like it alot though)

  • DustyDurst says:

    Cool Beans on this one, missed it somwhow, oh yeah i grew up in Fla. I forgot, and that explains everything

  • cassadyshammer says:

    Awesome. Thank you. One very common error, though. The Harbinger Complex were from Fremont, which is in Alameda County, and not from San Jose, which is in the next county south, Santa Clara County. They were a band from washington High School, in Fremont. Again, thannks! This was great!

  • dipsetmuthafucka says:

    SWEET…love that Nuggets tune, love these ones too…thanks for posting!!

  • numpty1972 says:

    Many thanks. Hearing good “new”(to me) music is always a thrill.