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The Age of Aquarius

‘Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine’ In by The Fifth Dimension, was a hit song in the sixties, with very intuitive lyrics, that carry great symbolism & significance in the times now at hand.
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25 Responses to The Age of Aquarius

  • jerryb19531953 says:

    yea then the alarm clock went off!

  • 8413tomhath says:

    Not Mayan calendar. Aquarius is one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Earth precesses into a different sign every ~2000 years. We’re leaving Pisces the fish (sign of Christianity 2000 years ago, get it?) and entering Aquarius now. Before Pisces it was Aires the Ram (remember Jason searching for the Golden Fleece?), and before Aries it was Taurus the Bull (Moses told his followers to stop worshiping the Golden Calf when Earth left Taurus and moved into Aries 4000 years ago).

  • nattygirldred says:

    11/11/11 this is the Age of Aquarius :) welcome!

  • cherryblossom0100 says:

    Man gotta love being an Aquarius =))

  • theoceansoul26 says:

    @skunkfarm thank you for your kind words of explanation may the peace be with you too.

  • bgupta2001 says:

    request you and to request– souls ,grand souls, microsouls or any molecules of human or any creatures should not be taken under earth or any hell for any punishment ,any kind of torturings ,sufferings .and requests, what ever punishment ,should be given on the earth only .requests you to come forward to make to bring back every souls every molecules of humans fron under earth and hell and save everyone good or bad

  • bgupta2001 says:

    in india ,tamilnadu ,human souls are taken under earth ,under rocks ,even to several thousnds kilometers under rocks,taking old revenges ,vengenes ,conspirancies ,polatics and given different shapes .in sevrages and made like aliens .taking under earth and beating and burning .please save to every one,every molecules and request to bring all the souls ,creatures from under earth to on earth .and requests to request not to spoil souls and humans.please save from pains sufferings .please save

  • bgupta2001 says:

    request and pray —every human every soul either good or bad ,angle or evil ,sinner,demon , god or devil every one want to live as a good humanbeing –please save

    request—-instead of killing ,spoiling lives,destroying ,sending under earth ,hells ,if some place is given far away from india .and some thing are done for better to improve the qualities of humans and souls .so that every one can live .

  • bgupta2001 says:

    every one was not born with the god grace and nature’s grace of good qualities and the good fate to have good inteligence ,qualities ,wisdom ,and circuimstances not to commit ever any mistakes or sins

  • ByWayOfDeception says:

    Eric Cartman: “God Damn hippies!”

  • skunkfarm says:

    @Justice4Madeleine If you are on facebook I can send you some great videos. Search for Josh zeigler in Eugene OR and let me know it is you. My pic is me playing a guitar. For some reason I can not post vids through these comment boxes. If your not on FB, search for Part 1 of 25 – The Legend of Atlantis. A great series. Also there are some great vids when you search for Ascension to the Fifth Dimension. Just remember there is no such thing as good or bad info. It’s about what you do with it.

  • Justice4Madeleine says:

    @skunkfarm Great answer.Where can I learn more about this? Thanks!!!

  • skunkfarm says:

    @Justice4Madeleine that’s a great question. My understanding is that as we enter into aquarius there will be a split. Those that are stuck in the old fear trapped mindset will stay in this world and go through tribualtion due to their inability to grow spirtually while the light ones will accept the change openhearted and ascend into the 5th. There will be a tribulation for those as well but only because they are hurting for the ones that will not ascend. I believe the transition has started

  • Justice4Madeleine says:

    @skunkfarm Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the video suggestion, as well.
    Some signs seem to indicate that we’re heading towards a new age (at least in the European Union…); however not everyone agrees on the date 2012 as the beginning of the aquarius age… also, I haven’t met many children that are that kind… but will the rest of naughties get a lump of coal in their stockings, instead? ;) Not trying to waste your time, just curious! Regards.

  • mrdelerious2009 says:

    @skunkfarm finally someone knows whats happening!! good work for not spreading shit!!

  • LordZontar says:

    In April of 1970, the Apollo 13 mission ran into trouble when an oxygen tank explosion crippled the primary craft, the Odyssey. Astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert had to pile into the lunar module and use it as a lifeboat to sustain them during their return to Earth orbit, a three day fight for survival in space. The name of the lunar module for that mission was Aquarius.

  • skunkfarm says:

    @Justice4Madeleine watch this video to get a better understanding of the zodiacs movement. It may explain some things to you that can open you up to a new level of conscienceness, or at least be informative if nothing else. Just search for zeitgeist religon and watch the full 30 min vid. take in the information with an open heart and the truth will find you! Peace to you and yours.

  • skunkfarm says:

    @Justice4Madeleine The children of the light are the ones with love in their hearts. True love. The forgiving ones. They will follow the transition into the light. The mayan callender is based on the zodiacs movement, and the zodiac goes through phases due to the resession of the equinox. roughly every 2165 years the sun rises in a different sign at the spring equinox. When it enters into aquarius’ sigh it will be entering into the daytime part of the zodiac. 13000 yrs of darkness will be over

  • Justice4Madeleine says:

    @skunkfarm Hi, who are the “children of the light”? Those born after 2000?

  • HyrdaEdits says:

    Lol, they played this exact song in my AP US government class in order to show the importance of the hippie movement on politics, didnt really catch on to the whole thing he was teaching because i was too busy singing the song.

  • skunkfarm says:

    @talleyho12 the mayan calender only states that when we enter into aquarius’ house that the world as we “know it” will cease. NOT be destroyed. That is a common misunderstanding put out by the media. The children of the light will enter into the 5th state of conscienceness with the new age of mother earth, as the sun on the spring equinox will rise in the house of aquarius. It occures roughly every 25,765 years. Peace be with you in this great transition.

  • MrSjfrance says:

    the mayan calender was never finished

  • NiteHuntress49 says:

    @cherokee3864 Its a time of massive movement of consciousness to a higher level. Where there will be massive amounts of good poured on our planet. :)

  • NiteHuntress49 says:

    Who here has their horoscope as Aquarius?!?

  • Tefiret40 says:

    Have not heard this song in years for some reason I looked it up. I listened to the lyrics and it blew me and my husband away! They were letting people know what was really getting ready to go down waaaay back then!!