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Jefferson – Love Grows ( Where my Rosemary Goes )

Jefferson`s original version of the Edison Lighthouse hit which was recorded before their hit version but didnt get released or in fact see the light of day until 30 years later. Had it been released first it would no doubt have been a massive Worldwide hit as it is identical to Edison Lighthouse`s subsequent hit version.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Shangrilas sing Leader of the pack with full story background in storyboard theme made up from vintage pictures from the 1960′s. This record was released in the 60′s but made the charts in several era’s beteween 1965 and 1976. I hope you enjoy the video.

43 Responses to Jefferson – Love Grows ( Where my Rosemary Goes )

  • annie482000 says:

    @mrgrober Jefferson (real name Geoff Turton) was with UK band The Rockin’ Berries and it’s him singing lead on their “He’s In Town” hit.

  • annie482000 says:

    new to me but I like it

  • pisamojo says:

    edison much more polished version

  • tommieparch says:

    not even cose to tony b.

  • mrgrober says:

    Did This Guy Do Anything Good? Can’t Find Him Anywhere Else…?

  • aqualord123 says:

    there was one song like this but better, still i love it ^^

  • StrawB0ss says:

    i hate this song but its so fucking catchy

  • musicexpert2 says:

    I believe this is the version Tony Macaulay didn’t like, so he offered it to Tony Burrows to sing instead, who recorded it under the name Edison Lighthouse. i believe Tony can be heard on this version singing background with Sue & Sunny of Brotherhood of Man (Tony sang with Sunny on “United We Stand”) as the background vocals were already recorded after Tony Macaulay offered it to Burrows.

  • npwd says:

    I know Jamie Michael Stewart from working on the cruises, he’s a bullshitter. He claimed he sang the theme to the Love Boat. He didn’t, Jack Jones did! I doubt Tony Macaulay would have offered it on the day it was written due to the two being in totally different countries!

  • gakski says:

    I was on a cruise recently where an entertainer named Jamie Michael Stewart performed. He claims he was offered the song by Tony Macaulay on the day it was written. He did a wonderful version of it.

  • dinoapla2 says:

    shallow hal end music

  • KingCharltonHeston says:


  • cherylharrell1961 says:

    You’re right. That was the Tee Set. My hubby had their record of that as well as Jeffersons & used to play them alot. He still has them somewhere around here. The old mind goes when ya get older.

  • whopfrog says:

    Tee Set had a song called “If You Do Believe In Love” if you do believe in happiness in 1970. It was a follow-up to Ma Belle Amie.

  • cherylharrell1961 says:

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea it was one guy…

  • 45rpmSINGLES says:

    Jefferson was in fact one man , namely Geoff Turton. Geoff was the lead singer of the
    British band The Rockin` Berries who had a string of hits in the UK in the early to mid Sixties. He then left the band to pursue a solo career but many years later rejoined the band .
    Edison Lighthouse and Jefferson shared the same songwriter and producer namely Tony Macaulay .

  • cherylharrell1961 says:

    Wow, didn’t know this group did this song. I only knew the Edison Lighthouse version which I have on 45. My hubby has some records of this group. Edison Lighthouse did their Baby Take Me In Your Arms. My hubby has that one on cd plus the 45 of it by Jefferson. I remember Jefferson had out a song with lyrics something about “You Do Believe In Love, You Do Believe in Happiness”. I haven’t heard it in yrs tho…

  • batayan0206 says:

    Thanks for posting!

  • TheIRONLAW says:

    This is best video I seen on this song. Can someone tell me is this song suppose to be based on a true incident? This song is good, kinda reminds me of me when I was riding.

  • 721rem says:

    2 ppl didnt fall for the leader of the pack.

  • WestYorkshireMassive says:

    I’m 167 my dick looks like a party wiener and I still love this song.

  • Karatiannadiante says:

    song great, video not very good

  • suzmicmay says:

    I cried to this song when I was 8. I soaked it up. I felt it. I still do.

  • moominpic says:

    Nice vid. well done. thx.

  • KuRsAbLe says:

    i remember hearing this when i was 8 years old, and i loved it :D and i still love it, and im only 18 so yeah

  • TheAlexSbl says:

    I love this song, and I’m 14, so it doesn’t suck.

  • edyoung44 says:

    1 persons gonna get ran over by not just the leader but by the entire of the pack

  • walterrudd23 says:

    1 person on here does not have good taste in music

  • florflo45 says:

    u did an awesome job!!! everytime i hear this song i cry!!! i lvoe it (:

  • GrifterUno says:

    @cookidoh093 Please, if they touch this song, I will personally put a bullet in each of those untalented idiots brains…Glee?!…really?!. Standards are so freakin’ low now, we have to watch lobotomizing programs in order to know about real music.

  • evhanstella says:

    22, 222 veiw :D

  • oporuy says:

    Funny how this song is both 60′s AND 80′s to many people! Love both the original AND Twisted Sister’s version.

  • cookidoh093 says:

    Glee should do this song!!!

  • mikkelroosevelthertz says:

    @maasked Youtube fucking sucks i mean, now a troller can’t even troll properly anymore. So sad.

  • maasked says:

    This fucken sucks, I’m glad these people are too old to sing anymore.

  • maasked says:

    This fucken sucks, I’m glad these people are too old to sing anymore.

  • WhiteTulip2113 says:

    @englishsinger i thought so. you might be right.
    yeah, i know ‘right now and not later’, it’s an amazingly cool song as each of the shangri-las. i think their music wasn’t just ordinary pop because in some songs they really mix different genres. their roots even are somewhere near gosple and doo wop.

  • englishsinger says:

    @WhiteTulip2113 It’s only because of this one song (classic) that the Shangs were thought of as a ‘rocker’ group – especially in Europe. They really weren’t.
    Actually most of their hits in the States were just ordinary ‘pop’ songs. Look up ‘Right Now and Not Later’ – could almost be Motown!

  • heavy21metal says:

    I thought the heavy metal version of Twisted Sister was the original.
    I’m sorry for my ignorance !

  • Aquatora2 says:

    OMG my teacher showed us this song. We were learning about ballads-different types of poems- in class and I love this song. It is sad, but so cute and old.

  • lolasmith37 says:

    super super good video and always loved this song

  • neaiancu says:

    @WhiteTulip2113 someone’s living in the 60s

  • umeTree says:

    great sad song! i heard once on the radio, they were talking about early american recording industry and quoted a man, who said, he had seen shangri las recording this song at the studio, the vocalistl was 16 or 17 yrs then and she was crying while singing