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Cool Hit Record images

Some cool hit record images:

hit record

Image by Cade Buchanan
Today I aquired from my adoptive parents an LP that belonged to my biological mother who died in 1979.

Having so little possessions of hers to remember her by, and having been too young at the time to remember what my mum’s musical taste was, I was majorly excited when I heard my adoptive parents were bringing over albums that belonged to her, and joked to Matthew last night that I hoped there were some ‘Stones’ or ‘Hendrix’ in her collection.

In my mind I pictured her on a beanbag sucking back on the ole’ peace pipe in some cool shades waxing lyrical about how on the latest Rolling Stones or Jimi Henrix album they’d ‘lost it’ or ‘sold out’. I imagined her to be so super cool it hurt! So you can imagine my delight at finding out that in her teens she owned Bob Dylan’s debut album!

I have decided now that I will adopt vicarious ‘cool’ through her in owning this album. Hell, looking at my own music collection (‘The Spice Girls Greatest Hits’ anyone??) it’s really the only hope I have!!

***A big thankyou to Matty for his orchestration of this photo***

Indian style
hit record

Image by uitdragerij
Sleeve of Monsoon’s 1982 hit Ever so lonely.

Buchanan & Goodman – Flying Saucer Pt.1 – US – 1956 – ReRelease mid 60s
hit record

Image by Affendaddy
It’s a so called Novelty Song. This song is a kind of Interview – somebody ask questions about the Flying Saucers and the answers are short excerpts from well known hits of that time in the mid 1950s. It was. It was the biggest hit for B&G – a nr. 3 in 1956 in the US- This single is a mid 1960s Rerelease. Original on LUNIVERSE.

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