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Surprising Gena

Surprising Gena

Surprising Gena.

25 Responses to Surprising Gena

  • Raphael Gomes says:

    How can you not love this princess? * sigh *

  • NikoVanAthand says:

    Is she still married?

  • Gabe Shakour says:

    The fact that this is edited by her (i’m guessing) and that she didn’t
    bring like a bunch of cameras and pr people is really awesome. She didn’t
    go for the publicity. She went to make one of her fan’s day (and possibly
    year) and because she hadn’t been to a bridal shower before.

  • Ton Paiano says:

    My birthday is June 02, Taylor Swift is convidade… love you from

  • xNooblz says:

    Is it just me or does she look different in this video? It almost looks
    like she has a double or something.

  • Kara Camille Delonas says:

    Taylor Swift is an incredible performer. I love this video so much and it
    inspires me. I just wanted to say that I’d be more than honored if
    everyone took a quick minute to check out my music. Thanks so much guys,
    and thumbs up for Taylor.

  • Ma... says:

    Gosh, she’s beautiful…
    I want her to impregnate me! :B

  • M.Logan says:

    I`m a guy and I hate to admit that. Taylor Swift`s concert was my first
    concert ever in my whole life. DAMN!

  • Alassë Alcarin says:

    788 peoples doesn’t have a heart. _’ Bitches !

  • LaioChan says:

    just one question, what the heck is a bridal shower? O.o

  • animalluver11292 says:

    It’s upsetting that so many people “hate” Taylor Swift (sadly, including
    most of my fandom) just for ‘dating around’ and not for her actual
    personality, like this. Taylor is such a sweet person and she’s so down to
    earth I’m glad I have her as an idol. In fact, she was the first idol I had
    and the first album I bought that was related to the music industry. (Haha,
    not including some Lilo&Stich soundtrack I had). I’ve been a fan since I
    don’t even know when and I’ll always support her.
    Oh and can’t forget to mention that her music is flawless.

  • bat dad vine says:

    cant you do this without the camera is this like marketing moove you didnt
    even hug her back

  • jamesgjt says:

    why american ppl always have so many showers. baby shower, bridal shower…
    do u hv any other showers? Bty, i think that she is awesome. and for those
    ppl keep saying this video is her marketing stuff. well if u can be as
    famous as she does, u probably dont want to attend all of ur fans’ events
    cuz it will take u hundreds of years, and u ll just probably like her
    choosing 1 or 2 most loyal fans every year.

  • A Small Bear says:

    Why are people so surprised? Taylor has never been short of an amazing,
    incredible person inside and out. <3

  • Andre Carasic says:

    awesome surprise Taylor, guys listen please some of my covers !

  • VivaToddVegas says:

    I don’t care for her music, but this was a pretty cool thing to do.
    Would’ve been even cooler if she didn’t film it.

  • Games says:

    Taylor makes millions of dollars and yes she uses a potato to records her

  • Breadfan says:

    I guess she must like weddings. Didn’t she turn up at somebodies who
    specifically asked her not to go to it and wouldn’t leave when asked?

  • Bryan P says:

    The then groom probably became the ex-groom since he fell in love with
    Taylor swift…lol

  • Anjali Korea says:

    Do that for my sister’s bridal shower? LYSM! UR AWESOME!

  • Zach FP says:

    3:04 Mario?

  • AllAmericanPatriot1 says:

    Swift is not exactly unattractive, but her face somehow reminds me of a
    space alien.

  • MARKO5049 says:

    People can be so nice sometimes!

  • Max Levine says:

    IS! Don’t listen to her shit, Kanye!

  • moiraine_damodred says:

    Taylor Swift has never been to a bridal shower?
    …da fuq?