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The Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson (The Shocking Story!) Michael Jackson was murdered by the secret society known as the illuminati because he was a threat to them author Fran…

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50 Responses to The Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson (The Shocking Story!)

  • iloveyou75204 says:

    24:18 And MJ was already assassinated on stage with that Pepsi burn set-up,
    on 1/27/1984, for the New Year. They purposely burned MJ. If you think this
    was an accident, you better think again, this was a set-up to get him on
    drugs, and to turn him white by infecting him with vitiligo through the
    treatment of his burns. As we all know, the Pepsi burn incident was the
    beginning of MJ using drugs, in which he eventually died from drugs. This
    was their whole purpose of the Pepsi commercial, to get him started on
    drugs so he would die an early death like many in Hollywood has, and it

    MJ was a goody two shoes, and would never use drugs, he was even a
    vegetarian, and fasted every Sunday, so they injured him so badly to the
    point where he had no choice but to use drugs for that very painful burn to
    his scalp. He’s been on drugs sense then, that Pepsi commercial set-up,
    till the day he died. I can just see these illuminati folks now in a
    meeting on how to set MJ up with that Pepsi commercial. Pure evil.

    As said earlier, they also burned MJ’s scalp with that Pepsi commercial to
    infect him with vitiligo. MJ developed ‘alopecia’ (hair loss) from that
    Pepsi burn to his scalp, in which some medications used for alopecia causes
    drug-induced vitiligo. In this article it clearly says that
    some medicines used for ‘alopecia’ (hair loss) in which MJ had from the
    Pepsi burn to his scalp, causes drug-induced vitiligo. This is how MJ got
    vitiligo folks. I have the wisdom of God, and this is how I find these
    things out. The illuminati thought they were so sleek, but the Lord’s eyes
    run to and fro throughout the whole earth. He saw exactly what went on, and
    knew all the plans, and gave a revelation of what happened to his people,
    and this is how I decoded the secret.

    MJ said in his ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ song “Kick me, kike me, don’t you
    black or white me!” Did you really listen to what he said? He was trying to
    tell you what happened to him. Really think on why MJ said “Don’t you black
    or white me”, who do you think he was talking to? He was talking to the
    illuminati, that’s who.

    MJ also said during the 1995 Diane Sawyer interview “When I say kick me,
    kike me, don’t you black or white me, I’m talking about myself as the
    victim” ~ Michael Jackson.

    MJ said he was talking about himself being a victim when he said “don’t you
    black or white me” in his TDCAU song, don’t you get it? MJ was clearly
    speaking about the illuminati who blacked or whited him, by infecting him
    with vitiligo.

    He also said in his TDCAU song “You keep me in the fire!”, he was speaking
    about that 1984 Pepsi burn which was the method of infecting him with
    vitiligo, through the treatment of burn injures, which were ‘alopecia’
    (hair loss), burns, etc.

    MJ tired to tell us all along of what happened to him indirectly, but some
    of us don’t listen to the words in music, we only listen to the beat and
    rhythm, but we have to listen to the words so we can fully understand what
    message the singer is trying to bring fourth, especially for some one like
    MJ who was a humanitarian, who believed in love, truth, world peace,
    justice, and equality. We have to listen and receive these messages to know
    the truth, so we won’t be fooled by our enemies. Knowledge is power,
    receive it, and bind it upon your hearts so when the enemy comes with a
    load of lies we can rebuke him every time.

    Michael we will not allow the enemy to get away of what they did to you. I
    can’t let, I can’t let them get away, and I won’t let, I won’t let them get
    away. With the help of God, the truth will spread like wild fire, and
    justice will be finally served. Michael you’re in our hearts, and we
    forever love you <3.

  • Nazariah Pickett says:

    damn uk alot bout this.that’s good keep up the good work and always stand
    up in wat u belive in

  • Alex Smith says:

    Okay, this is a joke, right?

  • ilj274 says:

    Your video is lame. It indicates MJ was a child molester because he was too
    molested as a child, this is not true. Jermaine was only wondering if
    anything happened with these business men. He doesn’t know for sure.
    Jermaine never witness anything, etc., just speculation. MJ was not a child
    molester, it was complete conspiracy just as MJ said. Jermaine also said in
    his book that Prince, Paris and Blanket were MJ’s biological and they are
    not. Jermaine also said in his book that Prince’s hair was not dyed blonde,
    and that he was born with blonde hair, that’s a lie, his hair was dyed upon
    Debbie his mother’s doing. She had kidnap threats so she had his hair dyed
    when he was little, and MJ continued it. Then once he got older they
    stopped dying his hair. Jermaine also said in his book that he doesn’t know
    everything about MJ, and that people expect family members to know
    everything about their relatives but it’s simply not true. Good example of
    that is when Jermaine wrote ‘Word to the Badd’ about MJ, indicating that MJ
    bleached his skin, when that’s not true, MJ had vitiligo, it was confirmed
    in his autopsy by the pathologist. MJ would never harm a child. He liked
    children because they represented himself as a child, and because he didn’t
    have a childhood. You can’t believe everything you here or read. Stop being
    a media gullible.

  • aylin tufekci says:


  • Annette Rome says:

    At 27:53 he said there were powerful people and ENTITIES, what do he mean
    when he says ENTITIES??? what would a ENTITY have to gain??? 

  • Maria Wolfram says:

    Insisto hasta la muerte de que Michael Jackson no era un Iluminatti y por
    eso lo mataron tenía razón la hermana, L Toya Jackson, no pongan esas cosas
    porque hay mucha gente ignorante que lo cree

  • Kenni Wells says:

    I was going to watch, then I got tired of all that damn illusion type

  • MyHusbandMJ says:

    If you truly are a researcher of facts than the next project you do try
    using the most factual book ever written along side your research about the
    pure evil illuminati, UFO’S, USO’S Hybrids humans, MK mind control, sex
    slaves, child pedophilia, blood sacrifices and to much to type here. The
    most factual book ever written the Holy King James Bible tells it ALL.
    Believe all the proof you’ll ever need is in the Bible.

    If you truly are a researcher of facts than the next project you do try
    using the most factual book ever written along side your research about the
    pure evil illuminati, UFO’S, USO’S Hybrids humans, MK mind control, sex
    slaves, child pedophilia, blood sacrifices and to much to type here. The
    most factual book ever written the Holy King James Bible tells it ALL.
    Believe all the proof you’ll ever need is in the Bible. 

  • Soyee Park says:

    if you know about that, then you must also know who killed JFK ?

  • Maria Wolfram says:

    No way!! Michael Jackson never never belonged to iluminatti why they killed

  • Athena Meyers says:

    hope this isn’t true. coz if it is then ILLUMINATI must be destroyed. WHy
    would they kill the KING OF POP? they must be responsible also for the
    death of John Lennon. FUCK ‘EM ALL…

  • Ellen Joy Brown says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! so they do exist. I thought they’re all dead. I thought the
    group had been long gone. But well, now since they’re still there, let me
    just say one thing..

  • Michael jacksonVIDEO says:

    mj and the illuminati is a rumor and if someone is illuminati is it you 

  • Jessica Smith says:

    thanks for the story and keep up the good work.. 

  • MUSIC 666 says:

    As listening to the story was the main focus I enjoyed it. Thanks

  • Agapita Insley says:

    Leonardo da Vinci is one of them. And the President is also one of them. OH

  • Anna Praise Abra says:

    WHAT A REVELATION. this must be true I think. Whoever kill MJ will suffer
    the consequences. I am the Queen of the Damned. I will find them and
    destroy them.

  • Marie Mar Campbell says:

    is this true? You have no proof that the said society still exist today..
    hehe.. but thanks anyway.

  • Maria Wolfram says:

    Me gustaria si Se puede pasar estos documentales en Espanol, gracias 

  • Jessa Simpson says:

    hoax.. uncool.. not true..

  • Nathan Gibbs says:

    no hard evidence… 

  • The llluminati says:


  • Maria Wolfram says:

    Can traslate the Spanish? Thanks

  • Crackle Snapple says:

    Ermigid the illuminatry is mlg pro 420blazeit everyder mem get le camera
    snoop dig quickscope yoloswag fer satan yer boi G.W. #get rekt

  • DutchMattyBRapsFan says:

    Woah, ANOTHER remix. Because 5 versions weren’t enough.

  • YDude26 says:

    So many other great songs on this album. Stop milking this one.

  • ILIA M says:

    It says remix people!!! every artist does remixes of their single!!!
    They’re treating Mike as if he was alive!! Im loving this remix <3 

  • azucarmorena5000 says:

    please release Chicago or any other track already. 

  • Linkfinite says:

    Enough about this song.. Why not pay attention to Loving You, or umm..
    XSCAPE! >_>

  • Jessevdmeulen says:

    How long do you want to milk?



  • Christopher Wagle says:

    I don’t like that they’re milking this song so much, instead of making
    music-videos to the other songs, but I gotta admit… This is my favourite
    version of the song. It sounds like a genre Michael didn’t really do that
    much off, and the result is something refreshing! This is how a remix
    should be done! :D 

  • Gaming Authority says:

    For those who hate Michael read this, Michael donated 300 million to 39
    charities while he only earn about 700million.
    He is kind and loyal he never had a childhood as he was abused by his dad
    Thus he is trying to have a childhood when he is a adult thus he build
    never land where there is beautiful colors flowers and trains and ferries
    wheels for kids to play with him

    The case of him molesting kids is proven fake as police interviewed 30
    children who visited Michael ever land said that Michael did not touch or
    molest them

    The cases are a lie as the family is greedy and trying to take advantages
    of Michael for money and even paid a few of Michael maids to lie in court

    Thus lying in court lead the maids to a fine of 14 million.

    In conclusion, Michael never molested a child he loves to play with kids as
    he never had fun when he is a kid. 

  • elva136 says:

    Thumbs up for Chicago or A Place with No Name as the next single! -_-

  • Tina Styles says:

    Love it

  • Lahlipahp says:

    Ooh this is beautiful!

  • sparka gamer says:

    Mas ele não tinha morrido??!!

  • Anton Tuki says:

    I wish he was STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  • eaglemri says:

    What a great song…

  • Savvas Diakos says:

    Next up:
    Uploading the same remix again…With a Music Video

  • Massimo La Macchia says:

    Bellissima questa canzone

  • Suzana strauss says:

    Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube: 

  • BossLadyT2012 says:

    Geez how many remixes do we need of this somg ? I love Mj but damn .

  • Playmobil Légo says:

    I love Michael Jackson !!! Too bad he died !!! but hey !!!

  • Simran Nanda says:

    What a great remix! #michaeljackson
    The King will live on forever in our hearts

  • Michelle Pizarro says:

    todavia estas vivo y te llamas dave dave eres mi idiolo pero sal a la luz
    porfa!! y deja de mentir la mafia no te hara nada dave jackson

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  • Xochitl Rojas says:

    <3 ;)

  • 99arnd says:

    En respuesta a la persona que dijo y sigue vivo el loco es. Lo que pasa es
    que no puedes soportar que haya leyendas como Michael o Elvis y eres un
    p*** fanboy de Justin Bieber aparte de m***** esto es leyenda y no una moda
    pasajera como es el picha floja de Justin One Direction