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Aerosmith – Get Your Wings (1974) Full Album

Aerosmith - Get Your Wings (1974) Full Album

Aerosmith – Get Your Wings (1974), 2nd album Side one: 1. Same Old Song and Dance 0:00 2. Lord of the Thighs 3:53 3. Spaced 8:07 4. Woman of the World 12:29 Side two: 1. S.O.S. (Too Bad) 18:19.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Aerosmith fechando o segundo dia do festival Monsters Of Rock em São Paulo/SP – Brasil. Show completo, full concert. Setlist Back in the Saddle Love in an Elevator Toys in the Attic Oh…

50 Responses to Aerosmith – Get Your Wings (1974) Full Album

  • Tom Wilt says:

    First 5 albums pretty darn good. After that FORGET IT.

  • Vanmyster94 says:

    I saw Aerosmith play live at Comiskey Park in Chicago around ’75-’76.
    During the show someone started a fire in the grandstands. People were
    running for the exits but Aerosmith continued to play!

  • Tricia Wyatt says:

    Absolutely Badass music from the 70s 

  • Joseph Starr says:

    K I C K A S S ALBUM !!

  • Marcia Pruchinsky says:

    My Favorite!!! Boy did they rock back in the 70′s!!!!!! Nothing

  • Nomadmandolin says:

    I was at the concert at Spectrum in Phila when the m-80s were flying. I was
    searched and they found pipes on me, I think. They took me out. A bunch of
    us broke a door down on the side of the Spectrum. I got in, went walking
    around the floor, and m-80s were flying…. man what memories

  • Robert Taylor says:

    Aerosmith’s cover of ‘Train Kept A Rollin” amazes me to this day. A band
    of guys we’d never heard of (on the west coast) came out of nowhere and
    BLEW THE YARDBIRDS OFF THE STAGE! With devastating authority. The
    Yardbirds. Jimmy Page (God) and Jeff Beck’s (Jesus’) band. The enormity of
    that feat blew my mind. Aerosmith took up the torch of blues-based rock
    and ran with it. With a few lapses for which I’m generally willing to
    forgive, they’ve been keepers of the blues-based rock flame ever since. God
    bless Joe Perry!

    Commenters who diss these guys for looking old and weather-beaten are
    simply demonstrating the naivete of youth. It’s true, kids: Old age is not
    for wimps. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle takes its toll on the best of us,
    and it’s hard to sustain. They’ve lived pretty hard and it shows, but so
    what? They’re only human, fer Chrissakes. How many giants did you slay by
    the time you were 22 anyway?

  • Carlos Canales Vega says:

    this album sounds soooo good even today, listening through Youtube and all

  • Jensen Bell says:

    This is the first record produced by Jack Douglas. A lot of what we love
    about the sound of the “classic” Aerosmith is Jack’s ability to create a
    sonic “environment” with the band that made them hypnotic. It happens all
    over the next 2 records and begins to show up here on “Train Kept A
    Rollln’” and “Same Ol Song and Dance” and “Seasons if Wither” – All hail
    Jack Douglas.

  • Glenn Karant says:

    I am the Lord of your thighs………

  • Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum says:

    magic raw second album from american rock legends areosmith, i think people
    forget they have had some good blues rock songs too. man this just kicks

  • Night Tyger says:

    Classic Hard Rock ´70

  • falcondriver100 says:

    So sad they destroyed their legendary sound and legacy by selling out to
    the corporate whores for a buck……….. Skynyrd would have never done

  • Tom DeLonge says:

    Back in the day u would go into your room turn on the blacklight,crank this
    up with a doobie in hand and be amazed

  • michael p. Concannon says:

    I was at that Sox Park show also, sitting left field line, upper deck. With
    the boys. Super-hot summer day. Close to the fire. Saw some flames. We were
    told it was fireworks set-off in a garbage can up behind us—not really
    sure. We quickly moved over towards home plate. We all had one leg over the
    upper-deck railing preparing to slide down the foul-ball net behind the
    plate. Not sure it would have held us, luckily didn’t have to find out.
    Fire put out, on with the show!

  • dave ellis says:

    Owned this on 8 track, vinyl, cassette & now cd. Timeless music, will stand
    the test of time hopefully for future generations to enjoy. They dont make
    em’ like this anymore.

  • Old-Man Parker says:

    rocked my world!

  • gerry Bernard says:

    Wore this fucker flat out!

  • ytuseruber says:

    Sleazy, greasy blues-rock. Great stuff.

  • Vanmyster94 says:

    The first 4 Aerosmith albums were musical masterpieces. And to think all
    this music was recorded in only 4 years(’73 to ’76) is amazing!!! These
    albums still sound great 40 years later. :-) 

  • beggindogs says:

    Like many great 70;s bands, Aerosmith had to write for the times to stay
    alive. I think they kept their roots and did it well–Kickass band no
    matter what…

  • chefncrw says:
  • CosmoApe says:

    ‘Lord Of The Things’, ‘Seasons Of Wither’ and ‘Woman Of The World’ are the
    best songs on this album.

  • Soaring Hawk says:

    flat black and circular

  • Peking Thom says:

    When “album” meant something

  • Jake Ho says:

    joey krammer is too underrated. 

  • Venenlaces says:

    WTF in 11:19?

  • franzinius86 says:


  • thiago lopes bernardes says:




  • Maria L says:

    Medico Proctologista do Miguel Arcao Arcanjo. Aristidi

  • Z3SE says:

    Back in the saddle (00:00) Love in an elevator (06:12) Toys in the attic (
    12:10) Oh Yeah (16:30) Pink (20:30) Dude looks like a lady (24:40) Rag Doll
    (29:05) Cryin (33:35) Last Child (39:40) Jaded (44:44) Combination (48:30)
    Eat the rich (54:50) What is takes (1:01:10) Livin’ on the edge (1:07:30) I
    don’t want to miss a thing (1:15:15) No more no more (1:19:42) Come
    Together(1:24:46) Mother Popcorn (1:29:25) Walk this way (1:32:45) Dream On
    (1:38:50) Sweet Emotion (1:43:50)

  • Gracinete Pereira Pinto says:
  • Bruno Caracciolo Novais says:
  • 純白天使 says:


  • Paan Wu Dong says:

    What’s Lindsay Lohan doing on stage? 

  • Zur CheG says:

    Этот чувак не стареет))

  • laura wiles says:

    They age only in the face. Never in the attitude.

  • naiu TKM says:

    ;) (;

  • Marcos Oliveira says:

    foi so eu que percebi que o Steven tava um pouco roco?

  • Juliana Moura says:

    eu estava no gargarejo.
    MARAVILHOSO,todo sacrificio,todo o cansaço desapareceu.
    Faço tudo de novo.

  • thiago lopes bernardes says:

    e verdade mesmo cara eu queria ouvir cd ao vivo deles aqui no brasil no
    mosters of rock mais eles tocaram so uma ne oh yeah! ne

  • leísa sousa says:


  • Nicolas Veiga says:

    1:37:40 :’)

  • Bradley Anderson says:

    All of you fanboys/girls need to get your ears checked. Tyler goes out of
    key at least once on every single song they played. He’s completely out of
    tune during the whole of ‘Home Sweet Home.’ His voice isn’t a shadow of
    what it used to be. Aerosmith has sucked since they re-formed back in the
    early ’80s, anyway, imo. Love in an Elevator, Janie’s Got a Gun, Ragdoll…
    really? wtf o.O 

  • Marcos Oliveira says:

    15:02 VACUO!!!!!!! XP

  • tharleyify says:

    I love Aerosmith but I was gutted with that Another Dimension album it was
    pure shit.
    Only one song from makes this gig.

  • Eric jones says:

    steven tyler still sounds so great after so many years, not many can pull
    it off like he can 

  • lourdes aires rodríguez says:

    los amoooooooooooooooooooo…………como estuvo acá en
    Uruguay………son lo más

  • Luis Javier Colichon Navarro says:

    Que porquería de concierto. Están drogados o q? La guitarra se equivoca a
    cada momento y Stevenn Tyler desafina en varios temas. Ellos tocan muy
    bien. Que pasó??