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Adventures of Mimi (3 Disc Deluxe Edition) Reviews

Adventures of Mimi (3 Disc Deluxe Edition)

Mariah Carey, the top-selling female artist of all time with sales of over 160 million units worldwide, took her newest show on the road in 2006 for the first time in more than three years. THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI, her most successful tour ever, shaped up to be a grand celebration, drawing on songs–many performed for the first time ever–from her 15-year career. Shot in High Definition and recorded in Digital Surround Sound, this large-scale, sold-out arena production, produced by legendary Award Winning Producer Ken Ehrlich, is your all-access pass to see Mariah belt out everything from power ballads to hip-hop tracks. It is a fantasy come true to see and hear an artist of this magnitude touch the hearts and souls of so many with her famous five-octave voice.

Disc 1
1. It’s Like That 2. Heartbreaker 3. Dream Lover 4. My All 5. Shake It Off 6. Vision Of Love 7. Fly Like A Bird 8. I’ll Be There 9. Fantasy 10. Don’t Forget About Us 11. Always Be My Baby 12. Honey 13. I Wish You Knew 14. Can’t Let Go 15. One Sweet Day 16. Hero 17. Make It Happen 18. We Belong Together 19. Butterfly Reprise

Features Live performance of 19 hit songs, Behind-The-Scenes footage and Jukebox feature which allows the user to select the order of songs.

Disc 2
* The Adventures of Mimi Tour Documentary
* An inside look at the Tour and Concert by Mariah and Mariah’s personal Director
* Lovers And Haters, an original Spike Lee directed Mariah mini movie

Karaoke-Style Feature with the following hit songs:
* Shake It Off
* Vision Of Love
* Honey
* One Sweet Day
* Hero
* We Belong Together

Disc 3 – Bonus Interactive Disc ( Value)
* Exclusive Virtual Store
* Free Virtual Ticket Subscription
* Free Ringtones
* Tour & Ticket Updates
* Free Single Download

List Price: $ 6.06

Price: $ 7.00

3 Responses to Adventures of Mimi (3 Disc Deluxe Edition) Reviews

  • Y. Park says:
    48 of 49 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Concert (Ruined by Clumsy Production), April 15, 2008
    Y. Park (Seoul, Korea) –

    I’ve been a big fan of Mariah and own almost all of her video albums. This is by far, I believe, the most vivid live concert video available shot in widescreen and in HD. The concert is very entertaining and enjoyable. I watched it twice in a row as soon as I inserted this blu-ray. Mariah performs very well with all her great voice. To be honest, I expected she would have hard time singing songs with high notes because of her aging but I was wrong. In the concert, she proves she still can sing as before! I felt the concert was rather short even though it was 80 minutes long. I mean I wanted more! She could have sung more songs such as “Without You”, “Emotions”, “Love Takes Time”, etc. It was great to see Boyz II Men and Mariah sing “One Sweet Day” together. Of course, Trey Lorenz, one of the back vocals of the concert, sings his part for “I’ll Be There”. Mariah, keep up the good work with your beautiful smile!

    The concert itself deserves five stars but I have to take one off because of the clumsy production. Spotligting is not very accurate but most of all, camera work is, I would say, horrible! Firstly, you will see too much of audience shots in the latter part of the show. For example, when MC sings “Hero”, almost half of the shots are done with audience. You will even remember some people in the audience after watching because of repetitious and long-staying zoom-ins. Who cares about audience that much? Who wants to miss the main performer instead? Secondly, there are many cases that a camera misses the hightlight of a song and the performer failing enhancing the mood of the song. For example, when MC sings with such high notes covering her ear (you know what I mean), the camera suddenly zoom out and shows the whole arena or people instead. In addition, there are some blurry/unfocused and pointless shots. So, I’m sure that the concert would have been much more enjoyable with a better production.

    Technically, PQ is 4.5/5 (VC-1 coding) IMO and AQ is 5/5 with uncompressed PCM 5.1/2.0. Extras are good: I liked the Karaoke especially.

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  • Wynne R. Phillips says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    4 ½ stars – Excellent concert., December 9, 2007
    Wynne R. Phillips (USA) –

    During the Glitter and Charmbracelet eras, a comeback from Mariah Carey seemed impossible to some. Her popularity, her quality of material, and even her voice appeared to be degrading at a painfully rapid rate. Even I, an avid fan of the songbird, began to think that she was on her way out of the music business. In early 2005, “It’s Like That” was released, and although it was a nice track and the fans enjoyed it, it still wasn’t making any big moves on the charts to make anyone think this new upcoming album would perform any differently than the past two. Then, out of nowhere came the mega-hit, “We Belong Together,” and the rest was history. The Emancipation of Mimi went on to be certified six times platinum by the RIAA, making it the best selling album of 2005. At the 2006 Grammy Awards, it was named the best contemporary R&B album of the year. The album also gave Carey two more #1 singles to boast. This tour, which is her most successful one yet, topped it all off.

    I actually was fortunate enough to see this tour in my area, and I must say that this DVD does an excellent job of capturing the magic of her performance. The set is nice, as is the lighting. The concert was recorded in HD and is in surround sound, so obviously I have no complaints in that area. (The only problem I really have with the way it was shot is that I really didn’t care to see the fans in the crowd and also, I wish the camera weren’t always so close up to Mariah. I would’ve liked to have seen more full shots of the stage with everything going on at once a few times throughout the presentation.) The background vocalists, in my opinion, were superb and they really did an amazing job. The dancers seemed to be quite talented, but at most times, the choreography was a little lame and unexciting to me. But to be completely honest, I don’t really look to the dancers to give me thrills during a concert: my eyes are always on the star of the show.

    Throughout the entire show, Mariah proves that she is back and here to stay. The voice, which some critics claimed was withering away to a mere whimper, is just as strong and bold as her early days. The high notes are still there, as is her soulful belting. And she really is singing live! She has astounding charisma and energy, and to top it all off, she looks better than ever.

    Choosing the setlist must have been an extremely difficult task; Mariah has been active in the music business for the last 17 or 18 years. She has had many hit singles and also many great album tracks that have become fan favorites. Well, all I can say is that it was chosen perfectly. It has some stuff for all the new fans that she gained with this new album, but it is also faithful to the fans that have been there since day one. Most of her studio albums are represented with at least one song. All of the songs are pretty much performed in their entirety. (It really annoys me when artists do little one-and-a-half-minute versions of their songs, trying to cram everything in.) What I also liked was how she slipped in little pieces of some of her remixes into the performances. It was cool how she sang part of “Dream Lover” over the instrumental of Biggie’s “Juicy.” The powerful performance of “Fly Like A Bird” was worth the price of this set alone for me.

    Aside from the concert, this also has some special features. The first disc has a behind-the-scenes feature, which are always fun to watch at least once. It also contains a jukebox feature that allows you to arrange and play your own setlist. (Mine: “Fly Like A Bird,” ten times in a row.) I think the idea is quite ingenious. The second disc has a tour documentary, with interviews from all parties involved, speaking on the setlist, set design, dancers, etc. I always find these things interesting because it really takes an incredible amount of work to put a tour of this magnitude together, and it’s always nice to hear Mariah speak. Also, a few, but not all, of the concert’s songs are here in karaoke form so you can sing along. Last, a Spike-Lee directed short, Lovers and Haters, is included. It’s Mariah’s way of responding to–and laughing at–all the rumors that “haters” have created about her over the years. I don’t really think this set needed to be two discs. I’m sure all the special features would’ve fit on one DVD, but I still enjoyed them all.

    This tour documents an amazing performer who has once again returned to her prime. Overall, this is a great, entertaining, and worthwhile DVD set. If you are a Mariah fan, then this is for you.

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  • ShaniMax says:
    16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    DVD falls short of the Real Thing, December 14, 2007
    ShaniMax (Lost in the City, USA) –
    I am one of Mariah Carey’s biggest fans. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since “Vision of Love” debuted in 1989/1990, and I’ve been a member of her official fan club for six years. I’ve seen Mariah four times in concert and have met her twice. I, too, was at the Adventures of Mimi concert that was taped for this DVD, and I can say that it does not depict the actual concert. The roller coaster introduction, which sets the concert into motion, was heavily edited and great quotations were cut out. The DVD goes from song to song and never really shows you all of the interaction Mariah had with the audience. Many things were cut out, actually, the best parts were cut out, making this DVD almost painful to watch. In all honesty, if I had the option I would return it. I love Mariah Carey to death, but I cannot recommend this DVD.
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