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AC/DC: Plug Me In

AC/DC: Plug Me In

  • Factory sealed DVD

Witness every stage of the world’s most electrifying rock band! Plug Me In – the new 2DVD set contains over 5 hours of rare and unreleased LIVE video from AC/DC. DVD 1 goes all the way back to 1975 and original singer Bon Scott with the band’s first appearance on TV, quickly followed by two never-before-seen performances from the 1976 show at Sydney’s St. Alban’s High School. Also on DVD 1 are live clips from Melbourne, London, Glasgow, Holland, and Munich – including the very first public performance of the song “Highway To Hell”! DVD 2 picks up in Tokyo, with Brian Johnson at the mic. Tearing through new songs and old, the band clearly doesn’t miss a beat and goes on straight through 2003 – performing with childhood heroes The Rolling Stones. Also included are rare interviews, tour promo films and alternate live versions. Total Running Time: approx. 5 hours

DVD 1(1975-1979)
High Voltage [King Of Pop Awards, Australia, October 1975]
It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock `N’ Roll) [Bandstand, Australia, February 1976]
School Days [St. Albans High School, Australia, March 1976]
T.N.T. [St. Albans High School, Australia, March 1976]
Live Wire [Super Pop/Rollin' Bolan, London, July 1976]
Can I Sit Next To You Girl [Super Pop/Rollin' Bolan, London, July 1976]
Baby Please Don’t Go [Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, December 1976]
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be [Sight & Sound In Concert, London, October 1977]
Rocker [Sight & Sound In Concert, London, October 1977]
Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation [Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978]
Dog Eat Dog [Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978]
Let There Be Rock [Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978]
Problem Child [Rock Goes To College, Colchester, October 1978]
Sin City [Rock Goes To College, Colchester, October 1978]
Bad Boy Boogie [Rock Goes To College, Colchester, October 1978]
Highway To Hell [Countdown, Arnhem, August 1979]
The Jack [Countdown, Arnhem, August 1979]
Whole Lotta Rosie [Countdown, Arnhem, August 1979]
Bonus Features
Interview at Sydney airport, April 1976
Interview in Covent Garden, London, July 1976
Baby Please Don’t Go [Szene 77, Munich, September 1976]
Problem Child [Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, December 1976]
Interview/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Promo film for Melbourne Radio, December 1976]
Bon Scott Interview [Countdown, Australia, November 1977]
Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation [Top Of The Pops, London, June 1978]
Live and Interview [Australian Music To The World, Atlanta GA, August 1978]
Live Super 8 Bootleg Film [Théatre De Verdure, Nice, December 1979]

DVD 2 (1981-2003)
Shot Down In Flames [Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981]
What Do You Do For Money Honey [Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981]
You Shook Me All Night Long [Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981]
T.N.T./Let There Be Rock [Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, February 1981]
Back In Black [Capital Center, Landover MD, December 1981]
T.N.T. [Capital Center, Landover MD, December 1981]
Shoot To Thrill [The Summit, Houston TX, October 1983]
Guns For Hire [Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, November 1983]
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, November 1983]
Flick Of The Switch [Capital Center, Landover MD, December 1983]
Bedlam In Belgium [Capital Center, Landover MD, December 1983]
Back In Black [Tushino Airfield, Moscow, September 1991]
Highway To Hell [Tushino Airfield, Moscow, September 1991]
Whole Lotta Rosie [Tushino Airfield, Moscow, September 1991]
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) [Tushino Airfield, Moscow, September 1991]
Gone Shootin’ [VH1 Studios, London, July 1996]
Hail Caesar [Entertainment Center, Sydney, November 1996]
Ballbreaker [Entertainment Center, Sydney, November 1996]
Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution [Entertainment Center, Sydney, November 1996]
Hard As A Rock [Stade De France, Paris, June 2001]
Hells Bells [Stade De France, Paris, June 2001]
Ride On [Stade De France, Paris, June 2001]
Stiff Upper Lip [Circus Krone, Munich, June 2003]
Thunderstruck [Circus Krone, Munich, June 2003]
If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) [Downsview Park Toronto Rocks, July 2003]
The Jack [Downsview Park Toronto Rocks, July 2003]
You Shook Me All Night Long [Downsview Park Toronto Rocks, July 2003]
Bonus Features
Beavis and Butt-Head “Ballbreaker Tour” intro film, 1996
Hells Bells – Interview and Live [Countdown, Brussels, January 1981]
Interview [Monsters Of Rock, Castle Donington Park, August 1984]
Gone Shootin’ [Rehearsal, VH1 Studios, London, July 1996]
Rock Me Baby (The Rolling Stones with Angus and Malcolm Young) [Festwiese, Leipzig, June 2003]There are lots of times watching the 50 or so tunes on Plug Me In that your jaw drops in amazement at AC/DC’s sheer energy and focus. No band has stayed as stable and focused on a singular form the way AC/DC has. They start here–in this largely chronological career omnibus–raw and nervy, caught on camera as early as 1975 on Australia’s King of Pop Awards. And they finish the set more than two decades later, with three more-polished tunes from Toronto in 2003, notably the Bon Scott classics, “If You Want Blood” and ‘The Jack.” Yes, much of the early video is grainy, with lo-fi audio to match. And the lighting is frequently dim, a result of old-school video being digitized; this is analog almost all the way, very little stinkin’ multi-angle digital tape here. It’s Angus Young’s irrepressible physicality–always rubber-necked and bent-kneed–that draws the eye persistently. Don’t lose sight of the band’s longtime leader, Angus’s older brother Malcolm. He chugs and riffs while the tunes run as singularly as a locomotive. “Problem Child,” “Live Wire,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” all the early Bon Scott gems scream here, and so do Brian Johnson’s cornerstones, “Back in Black,” “Hell’s Bells,” and more. Halfway through disc 2, things get a touch artsy, and you get a sweet glimpse of the band in Moscow, just after the brief 1991 Russia coup. They’re just lads, after all, trying to understand a complex world. And rocking out. –Andrew Bartlett

List Price: $ 22.29

Price: $ 22.28

3 Responses to AC/DC: Plug Me In

  • Kevin W says:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Three cheers (and five stars) all around, September 10, 2014
    Cory L. Dudak

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    As I was not the one to receive the item myself, I can only go by word of mouth. My father, a lifelong AC/DC aficionado, can be a little hard to please when it comes to birthday presents (see my review of the Marvel Universe Luke cage figure here:, but I am pleased to say I finally nailed it with this one. My dad was almost giddy over the phone after receiving the three-disc set, and again, coming from a huge fan of the band and someone who has always taken gifts with a pretty mellow attitude, that should say an awful lot. I can’t wait to sit and watch some of it with him myself. Apparently there are a ton of extras to go along with the actual concert footage that he was dying to knock out, too.
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  • Anonymous says:
    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Outstanding AC/DC Release!, October 20, 2007
    Kevin W (Chattanooga, TN USA) –
    Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    I was eagerly awaiting this release. and it certainly didn’t disapoint! As much as I liked “Family Jewels”, I like this much better. Why? Well mainly because it’s AC/DC live in front of an audience, which is what they do best. And also because it also covers the years from 1996 to 2003, which Family Jewels doesn’t touch. I’m a fan of both Bon and Brian, and both have great showcases here. I particularly enjoy the old historical footage on disc 1 that shows AC/DC in some of their early club performances. It’s easy to see how they built their legend in Australia (especially the black and white St Albans and the color Myers Music Bowl footage). And disc 2 shows how they’ve kept the legend going all the way to today. The extras on here are great too, encluding interviews and TV spots and promos over the years. Plus the portion of the 1983 Houston Summit show on disc 3 is a great mini-concert. So while there’s no complete shows on here there’s a good reason for that. It’s a retrospective and they can get much more on the way it was done. Besides the 3 disc set is 7 hours long as it is and we all have full length AC/DC concert DVD’s at home anyway. There’s been a little complaining about sound quality on other reviews, but as it states on the package the clips were chosen here for historical reasons first and foremost and some of them we’re lucky still exist at all. Trying to mix this for surround considering the varying sources these clips came from and varying quality would have been a huge undertaking. Early VHS and 3/4″ video cameras had limited audio capabilty anyway, but nothing here is unlistenable. Besides if you’re Joe Audio and have to have everything in 5.1 you probably have Donnington or Stiff Upper Lip anyway. No, instead enjoy this set as it was meant to be, a must have for any and all AC/DC fans as a testament to the greatest live rock and roll band ever! Enjoy
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  • Anonymous says:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Set!, June 21, 2014
    Cheyenne Autumn (Indiana) –
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    This review is from: AC/DC: Plug Me In (DVD)
    This is a great set. I bought it for my husband last Christmas; we are both huge fans, but he collects everything to do with them. :) We’ve been to many concerts and this set really brings home the energy, talent, and staying power of this amazing band from the Bon Scott days to the more current with Brian Johnson. And, of course, plenty of Angus and Malcolm Young! Some of the videos are a bit grainy, but that was a positive for me, as they appear unedited from the time they were created in the Seventies and Eighties.

    A great set for any collection that needs some rare and obscure live footage.

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