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Buttswipes KANYE WEST Toilet Paper Funny Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer (Kanstipate West)

Buttswipes KANYE WEST Toilet Paper Funny Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer (Kanstipate West)

  • 160 SHEETS per roll; 3-PLY toilet paper; printed with FOOD-GRADE INK
  • ONE SHRINK-WRAPPED individual roll with “KANSTIPATE WEST” label
  • KANYE’S FACE printed on EVERY SHEET!!

Makes a perfect gag gift or stocking stuffer this Christmas! Can also be a tree ornament!

Since Kanye takes credit for making Taylor Swift famous, can diarrhea claim credit for making Kanye famous? Who else suffers from diarrhea of the mouth more than Kanye? The self-proclaimed best rapper/designer/artist/human is set to pulp on this exhibit. Now all you have to do is turn it into a Jackson Pollack.

Each roll is individually shrink-wrapped with its own color label. 160 sheets per roll with the image of Kanye’s face printed on every sheet. The unofficial toilet paper at Taylor Swift and Jay-Z’s house!

Printed on virgin pulp paper with food-grade ink so it’s actually safe to use! Also, all the pics are ACTUAL PHOTOS of the item, UNLIKE the other t.p. sellers who Photoshop images onto a blank roll. Their rolls aren’t shrink-wrapped and it’s printed on cheap, single-ply napkin textured paper. Take a look for yourself!

Type in “Buttswipes” in the search box to see toilet paper featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Kardashians, OJ Simpson, Vlad Putin, etc!

Buttswipes– a gift that truly leaves its mark!

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 9.97

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