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Five Years 1969-1973 (12CD Boxed Set) Reviews

Five Years 1969-1973 (12CD Boxed Set)

The 12-CD box feature all of the material officially released by Bowie during the nascent stage of his career from 1969 to 1973. All of the formats include tracks that have never before appeared on CD/digitally as well as new remasters.

The boxed set accompanying book, 128 pages in the CD box, will feature rarely seen photos as well as technical notes about each album from producers Tony Visconti and Ken Scott, an original press review for each album, and a short foreword by legendary Kinks front man Ray Davies.

The CD boxed set will include faithfully reproduced mini-vinyl versions of the original albums and the CDs will be gold rather than the usual silver.

List Price: $ 95.38

Price: $ 115.49